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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Position of your Travel Agency officially?
We "Beyond Egypt" are a Member of "Host Tours Group" With License No.: 209
Our Group is classified as category (A) Since 1978, This Classification Requires Certain conditions by the Ministry of Tourism In Egypt such as Having a Minimum Capital of (US$300.000) and Having Minimum amount of Business Volume through the Year ---- etc.
Being a Category (A) Travel Agency we are authorized to Conduct outbound and inbound tourism Business and all other travel related services like Aviation bookings, Hotels, cruises reservation, transportation, guiding ----- etc.

What is the nature of your packages, Do they have Certain Starting Dates?
Kindly note that all our offers are based on personalized and private tours, When you book a program through "Beyond Egypt" you are booking totally private Service not joining an already organized group, you have your own private transportation, Assistant, Guide ----etc, so you can make your booking according to any convenient dates for you.
The Only thing is that some of our programs must start in Certain days of the week, this is due to the Embarkation days of the Nile Cruise, the opening days of some sightseeing spots ----- etc, These Starting Days are Clarified at the end of each program on our Web Site.

What are the Visa procedures?
Kindly note that Visa for a lot of nationalities can be issued upon arrival to Egypt at the Airport although Some Nationalities Require a pre issued Visa
Our English Speaking assistant will assist you with the visa issuing procedures, it usually doesn't take more than a few moments (it cost $18 per person, to be paid in US Dollars).

What are the Health Precautions I should take During my Visit to Egypt?
Everything is quite safe except in Egypt, Although the tap water is highly chlorinated. Therefore, this water is only safe to drink if you are used to it, and if you are willing to live in Egypt for a long time; this doesn't mean that the tap water is polluted, it simply means that you are not used to it so it is better not to drink the tap water! It is okay to wash, shower and clean your teeth with it, but not advised to drink. Bottled water is cheap and plentiful; use it instead!
Also make to drink plenty of water in Egypt. It is very easy to become dehydrated if you don’t.
In Egypt, it is safe to eat fruit and vegetables, as long as the food has been washed correctly! Avoid eating in really cheap places, if you wish to eat local food, stick with Falafel, or what we call Tamia, preferably from a known place such as the restaurants on the streets of Downtown. Tamia is very cheap, very safe and a very tasty food.
In Upper Egypt, while conducting a cruise tour, diarrhoea would sometimes affect some the group a few days into the tour. This was simply because of the change in weather, and in many cases, the change in the eating habits of the people!
In General you can Make up a small “medical-kit” before traveling that Includes things like safety pins, plasters (different sizes), antiseptic cream, diarrhoea tablets, headache tablets and sun cream (high factor advised).

What is the concept of Tipping in Egypt?
Tipping is a way of life in Egypt, if someone does something you would consider as an extra effort, he expects to be tipped. You should only tip if you feel you want to, you are under no pressure to do so, but it would leave a good impression, and many Egyptian people survive on very little.
Tip appropriately and please, don't give small notes or coins as a tip to people who helped you all the way throughout your trip, such as drivers, tour leaders, and tour escorts, it would be an insult to them, Also, do not offer tips to professionals, businessmen, or others who would consider themselves your equals, as you may seriously offend them by your act.
Remember that Egypt is a 3rd world country, and has many poor people so if someone gets too pushy trying to sell you anything, or asks for tips “baksheesh” without deserving it you can say “La Shukran” (No thank you!), Please do not say “Emshi” (Go Away) as many tour books advise, this can be taken as an insult. If you forget the expression “La Shukran” just politely say “No thank you” and walk away. Don’t get abusive to the trader; he is only trying to feed his family.



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